Subject: Re: Prince Edward Island
Hi Megan,

There are not a lot of reasonably priced options to fly from NY to PEI. Air Canada no longer flies from NY to Halifax so it would require two airlines - Continental and Air Canada (usually a more expensive option). Or you could fly NY - Toronto - PEI (there is one direct flight per day from Toronto to Charlottetown).

In reality it may not be practical to attempt a two day visit to PEI from NY but, of course, that is just my opinion.

There is no train service to PEI. The nearest stop would be Moncton, New Brunswick and to get there you would have to take Amtrak to Montreal (or Quebec City if possible?) and then Via Rail from there. The entire journey to Moncton by train would take the better part of one and a half days.

In my estimation the best way to get to the Island is Continental from Newark to Halifax and rent a car from there. There are 2 flights a day from Newark. Right now they are 10AM and 8:30PM but who knows when these will change. Remember if you are looking up flights that PEI and Nova Scotia are Atlantic Time, one time zone east of NY.

The drive from Halifax Airport to PEI over the Confederation Bridge is about 2 and a half hours. The other option is to go to Pictou, Nova Scotia and take the ferry. From the airport Pictou is just over an hour drive and I think the ferry takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Bon voyage, Jude