Subject: Netherlands Information
Hi Evelyn and Ziners!

> I need information as to day trips or a few days
> local tour to see things the cruise will miss.

The Netherlands is a beautiful country, and there's a lot more than Amsterdam to see....

If you are into tourists places, you can get a taste of the stereotypical Holland (wooden shoes and wind mills) cruising the little towns of North Holland, as Marken, Volendam, and the cheese-town of Edam.

If you prefer seeing towns, 20 min. South-East from Amsterdam is the beautiful Utrecht, with a nice architecture and small cafes along its channel. On the other direction, towards the Western sea, is Haarlem (the town that gave name to the omonimous area of New York City), and its beach resorts (Zandvoort, Bloemandal-an-Zee).

Other towns worth a visit are Den Bosch (also known as īs Hertogenbosch), Arnhem, Nijmegen, .... in the NL everything is so close!

Hope this helps! Ciao Flavio in Copenhagen