Subject: Re: Netherlands Information
Hi, Evelyn!

What will your tour cover? There is a lot to see in the Netherlands. It is a very compact country and easy to get around by train. Since Flavio's email focused on places outside Amsterdam, I'll recommend some of my favorites in the city.

o Big, known attractions:

- Rijksmuseum -- very large museum complex, houses Vermeers and Rembrandts including the famous Night Watch and much, much, much more

- Van Gogh Museum -- (next door to Rijksmuseum) -- extensive Van Gogh collection and also some of his contemporaries

- Anne Frank Huis -- The actual Secret Annex where Anne, her family, and others hid from the Nazis

o Lesser known attractions:

- Amsterdam Historical Museum -- located on Spui (not to be confused with Spuistraat). History of Amsterdam

- Our Lord in the Attic -- located near the Dam in the Red light district (ironically). It is a Catholic church hidden in the attics of three houses. This includes visit through the three homes which are decorated in various periods and show both wealthy home and a less affluent home. Also houses contemporary art exhibit. Excellent, excellent museum! Has everything -- Amsterdam's religious history, old art, modern art, house museum...

- Boom Chicago -- comedy show dinner theatre on Leidseplein. I've been to three of their shows, hilarious every time! Great food, too.

Hmmm... I have lots to say, but I just got back class and my brain hurts. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask!

I have some pics of Amsterdam on my web page:

Erina Amsterdam