Subject: Italy info (Naples)
In addition to Marco's advice, which is excellent as usual, let me suggest dinner at Brandi's. It is on a narrow little street off Chiaia near Piazza Trente e Trieste (or perhaps the other way around--its where the Opera house and Galleria are). This is in a nice part of what can be a very scuzzy city (but fun scuzzy, if you are careful). If you do go to Brandi's, alleged home of the Marguerita pizza, find out if Mario Scorzo is still a waiter there and give him our best. He was a lot of fun to be served by. We will probably visit Naples in 2003 as we are staying in Northern Italy this year.

After dinner (or at any other time) go to the Piazza and have dessert/a drink/coffee at Gambrinus, which is a famous coffee house. Da Michel, near the main station, is also very well known for its pizza, but we have not eaten there.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas