Subject: Basque Country
Hondarribia is quite nice, but while its location is quite good to visit San Sebastian and the french Basque Country, it is not so good to visit places in Bizkaia. If flying to Bilbao, I would look for an agriturismo (maybe in Mundaka or near Gernika) near the coast, or inland, in Durango (there is a nice new hotel, the Gran Hotel Durango) or in Elorrio (a beautiful village, with a wonderful old town feeling).

For the rest of the itinerary, book a hotel in Santiago. September is still holiday time in Spain (not for the children), and if you can find a good bargain, itīs better to book it than spend time trying to find a place. As for the travel between the basque country and Galicia, well, I might wing it. Just remember that the spanish tourist information offices are not allowed by law to book hotels. They can simply give you the list of hotels and pensions, but they cannot recommend places or book them for you. If they want to act like that, they should inscribe themselves in a travel agencies registry (and pay accordingly). So it is better to do a bit of study before going.

If you want to relax, there is a spa hotel in Galicia, Mondariz, quite good. They have a relaxing japanese spa, and its water is supposed to be good for some ailment (but donīt ask me which one).

Regards, Covadonga Bilbao