Subject: Malta and Sicily
I spent nearly 3 weeks in Malta and Gozo in November, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We found it to be very safe and friendly, and easy to get around by ferry, bus or on foot.

What amazed me was the incredible history and buildings of the islands. Until I began researching for the trip, I had little idea of the depth of history which pervades throughout, and still cannot comprehend the ages of some of the structures (some of which are said to be the oldest structures on this planet, pre-dating Stonehenge, Pyramids, etc.). Certainly some of the more recent events even pre-date the establishment of my own country -- Australia. The churches are very numerous, diverse and incredibly rich in decoration. The islands are not all that large, so you can see quite a bit within a short period of time.

We stayed at home-stay in Sliema for about a week, then an apartment on Gozo, then back to a delightful guest house in Valetta for another week. Food was very Italian-based with a slight Arabic influence; with sea-food quite common, although I suspect that all tastes would be well catered for. Local wine is more than acceptable.

Cheers Peter