Subject: Toronto(?) and RI GTGs (was: dilemma continued)
Hi Marta and George,

We've got lots of Toronto area members - so we'll have a get-together for lunch on April 20th, if you come here!

There's _no question_ that your money would go far. US1250 is about CAD2000 at today's rates!

Here's info on tax rebates for tourists:

And some Toronto web sites:

We're counting on you to join us. Here are the tentative attendees for lunch on June 22 in Newport, RI:

Rebbi and Mike, Providence Susie and Fred, Newton Graziella and Gino, Miami Tom and Jan Raftery, N.H. Gail Norris, Eugene (but never for long;-) Carol Bailey, high desert Oregon Don and Linda (George and Marta)

All Ziners are welcome to join us (non-Ziners too!). Please write to us privately to be included.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Cheers! Linda and Don Toronto