Subject: Re: Question about Malta and Sicily
Monica ...

I will heartily second Peter's recommendation of Malta as well as all of his comments. My husband and I spent two weeks there over Christmas and New Years of 2000 and loved it. Prior to going, my knowledge of Malta consisted of the Maltese Falcon and the Maltese Cross. I have never been to a country so rich in heritage and history. We stayed in Sliema for the entire two weeks and spent time in Gozo, Comino, Mdina (Malta's ancient walled capital over 4000 years old), Rabat where St. Paul is said to have lived in 60 AD, and Valetta. We spent a wonderful New Year's Eve at a truly wonderful restaurant in St. Julians which is a coastal town that abuts Sliema.

You can't go wrong by taking a trip to Malta!!

Cynthia &Ivan Pomona, NY