Subject: Re: Southern France and more...
Hi Kel,

My aunt lived in Pezenas for six months last year. She just headed over there and stayed at Priory St Martial until she found the right village and then an apartment in that village. She loved it. She and a friend were there for about a week, and she reported that the view was beautiful and it was incredibly relaxing. That being said, my aunt was there to experience the French culture, and her ultimate goal was to live like they do and to blend in (impossible if you knew my aunt, but she had a fabulous time trying), and so she would be much more accepting of any quirks in a place because she would have thought she was getting a real French lodging experience. Still, as I say, she said it was very nice!

Also, although it is a little touristy, Annecy up in the Alps is beautiful! On a trip we took a few years ago our travel agent insisted that we go. We took her advice because she's very good at what she does, but I will admit that we felt we were wasting day. When we got there we realized how wrong we were! It is at the base of Mont Blanc on a lake (Lac Annecy I believe). It has lots of little canals running all through town with bright red geraniums everywhere! We wished we had had more time there just to relax on the beach and wander the town.

Tiffany Northern California