Subject: Cornwall
Hi Ziners

About 4 years ago, my husband Kurt and I explored the West Coast of Cornwall, starting in Devon at Clovelly and working our way down to Land's End and beyond. We are overdue to start planning our trip to Britain that starts on Aug. 28, and it is mostly because we can't make up our mind about where we want to go.

I am interested in seeing more of Cornwall (Daphne DuMaurier captured my imagination when I was very young, and the draw is still there) and I would like to know if any Ziners have experience with the other coast; I'm not sure if it is proper to call it East or South??

I know that there are some spectacular gardens on that (east or south) coast of Cornwall, and I would be interested in anything anyone has to say about the area. Is it as spectacular as the other coast?

We love scenic areas, as well as quaint villages and historic towns and cathedrals, so any all suggestions are welcome. We have been to Bath, the Cotswolds, Salisbury, Winchester, the Cornish area mentioned, and of course a few times to London with day trips outside the city. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Debbie in Pittsburgh Ps. We also welcome suggestions for reasonable (under 150 USD or thereabouts) accommodations.