Subject: Re: Food prices in Malaysia
Hello Kate, Have been away from my computer for a while, so I don't know if you had any responses from the network to your enquiry, that I didn't come across. Have been in Malaysia twice during the past seven or eight months and must say that you can eat as cheaply or as expensively as you want. It does depend a little on where you are, of course, but the range is still wide. Our first trip, we had several days in Kuala Lumpur, at a top hotel but ate at many different places as we were being shown around by locals, so had the best of guides. I would say that our meals varied from five or six dollars (AUD) a head to the usual international prices that you would find at top restaurants in Australia. We then had a few days on Langkawi, at a resort hotel, where the prices were geared to the American market as you would expect. We did have one dinner there, when the torrential rain put us off venturing out, but the other nights, we went local (taking advice from taxi drivers) and eating for about ten dollars for the two of us, with more food than we could finish - simple, of course, but good and a lot of fun. The second visit a couple of months ago was for a wedding which was in a five star hotel, and we had the surreal experience of dining one evening on shark's fin soup, plus ten other courses, in the Grand Ballroom in formal gear, then the next evening, eating at an open air food stall outside a raj style railway station in Ipoh, where two courses plus drinks for the two of us cost about six dollars. Admittedly, that meal was not the best I have ever had but the street theatre was worth the price by itself. (It was certainly better than the hotel breakfast the next morning - but then that was free as a special offer, so a little hard to complain about, but did explain the quality or lack thereof.) Singapore gives a similar range of opportunities, in that you can eat in grand style or at open air markets where you can choose a dish at a time, for a few dollars. Hope this helps a little - and apologies if I am duplicating information that you have already received. Enjoy your trip, Joan Melbourne