Subject: Re: Food in Malaysia and Thailand
Hi Kate, Sorry - didn't realize your inquiry related to Asia until Joan sent you a reply (I filter my email using the subject line).

I agree with Joan - the range is very wide in all three countries. General rule of thumb is that the restaurants that cater to westerners (especially in hotels) are more expensive than the more local fare. Of course, it really depends upon where you intend to travel in Malaysia and Thailand as well - prices out of the major cities are much more reasonable (but - I guess that goes for anywhere in the world ).

In Singapore, I highly recommend the street stalls; unlike most other parts of Asia, the hygiene standards are carefully monitored and the food is always excellent (and cheap). That said - they also have some great, up-scale, restaurants along Boat or Clarke Quay which are worth a splurge and if you like Indian food - we had some wonderful meals in Serangoon Road (and value priced). Don't forget to check out the Long Bar at Raffles too (even if you only have a 'virgin' Singapore Sling).

Food prices and variety in Thailand are similar to Malaysia (overall a notch lower than average Sing. prices) - try to stay away from the touristy places and you'll find some incredible food at very good prices. A good Thai meal, in a nice local restaurant in Bangkok can cost about $5US up to about $15US for the more upscale.

Each country is very different and all have their particular charms. Their cuisines are the same - if you like spicy, flavourful, food - you'll definitely enjoy!

Have a great holiday!

Cheers, Judy in Hong Kong