Subject: Re: Re: lodging in the Amalfi Coast area
Hi Cheri,

I went to Amalfi coast last August. It was wonderful even though a bit hot ! Sorry, I don't have advices about hotels/inn because I stayed in hostels (btw, if anybody needs a good hostel in Positano, let me know). I would just give my 2 cent about restaurant in Positano. I have often noticed that tourist area are soooo expensive but, just turned the corner (may be cross a road) in a less tourist area that price drop down drastically. Positano is really expensive but if you cross the national road (statale) prices go down. In Positano I used to eat in

RISTORANTE DA COSTANTINO 84017 Positano (SA) - V. CORVO 107 tel: 089 875738

It is located up to the hill so you can find good food, reasonable price and a wonderfull overview on the gulf!! Well, it is not as romantic as a restaurant in the tourist area just by the sea but the view is unbelievable.

NB. In Amalfi try to spin around and lose yourself the white narrow lanes (pedestrian) around the main touristy road, you'll find an other town!

Enjoy costiera Amalfitana.

Marco in Milan - Italy