Subject: Re: Driving holiday in the Dolomites
Hi Paolo (and I havenīt forgotten Marco and Stefano),

Venice could be a good idea to pick up the car. In fact, my sister suggested it in the first place. But we will have to think a lot about all of this. Our idea about Milan was to fly there and then get a train somewhere. But that will depend on the prices of the flights and on the schedules. Right now itīs much more cheaper to fly into Rome via Barcelona (and that gives us just two flights of around one hour, fine enough for my mother, not a lover of long flights). We have a direct connection to Milan, but after the agreement between AirFrance and Alitalia, I am afraid that it will be drop down and substitute by a flight via Paris (and the connection times are really tight at CDG). And, Stefano, we did when we were children the hike in the Tofane area. It was really great. My mum has always wanted to go to the Piz Boé, so it might go to the list.

Now that I am thinking... which are the dates for the Giro dīItalia? We are trying to avoid Rome in June due to the canonization of Father Pio and Escriva de Balaguer, and now I have the feeling that we might encounter the cyclists (If I have to choose, Iīd love to see a Giro stage).

Regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)