Subject: Re: Contemplating Paris and/or Germany
PARIS !!! The Musee D'orsay is WONDERFUL !!! Paris is PARIS !!! Read Rick Steves articles/books on where to stay, eat, how to get around (the Metro) and you won't spend a lot of money. GO !!! You'll love it AND you'll be in the grandest of cities. If you like and have the time to go to Giverney and see where Monet lived and go the the Palace at Versailles, you'll round out a wonderful week. Don't try to travel to another country in one week. All you will remember is being tired, packing and unpacking and the pressure of getting to the train/plane on time. Stroll Paris and SEE and enjoy the beauty of a truly regal city. And the French are not COLD, they are reserved. (Much like Seattle)!!! ENJOY !!! Peter and Carol