Subject: Re: More Maine suggestions
Never!!! We go in the winter (to Bar Harbor, and the beaches, especially) You can snowshoe in Bar Harbor on the Carriage Trails that ring many of the mountains. It's lovely, quiet and there are even restaurants (some) open!!! Maine is really an all-year state - There is something for everyone. Don't forget Rockland on your way up. It's a mini-San Francisco - (has that feel as it has a wonderful water view and it's a bubbly city filled with young people, great eats and a wonderful museum. It's easy to manage on foot also. If you want a bit of diversion, you can take the mail boat to the surrounding islands for pennies and spend the day walking. Oh, one other thing: Monhegan Island off the coast from Pt Clyde is fabulous - It's an artist colony in the summer and there are no cars. I believe there is one hotel, but we went with the early mail boat at 7 am one summer morning - walked the island (great viewing of sea birds and sea lions) and returned to the coast around 7 in the evening! Have fun. Regards, Susie Newton, MA

The fall (especially early Sept and early Oct) is very busy as the leaf-peepers are out in full force! The colors are spectacular and the weather is crisp but not into the lower numbers yet.

Enjoy Susie Newton, MA