Subject: England Questions - Soccer and Lodging
Hi Ziners,

I plan to be off to England the second half of March for what I've dubbed my 'Castles and Football' tour.

Have any of you ever booked a sports-based tour? A company called Ultimate Sports Dreams seems to have the market on football (soccer here in the States) tours/tickets in England and I am curious to know if anyone has used them. (One of the games I would like to attend is a World Cup friendly between England and Italy - that really is an ultimate sports dream!). This tour company bundles air fare, match tickets, local transportation, and hotel.

I am also looking for lodging recommendations for London, Liverpool, York, Leeds, and Leicester (maybe there is a town near York that begins with 'L' and this could be my 'all-L' City Tour :) ). As always, I am traveling solo and prefer simple accomodations. B&B-type situations would be perfect once out of London - I don't think they would be affordable in London. Hostels are always a good option for me, as well.

Michele Oakland, California