Subject: AA Ordnance Survey Guides (was: Travel Guides)
Hi Ziners

Lisa in Chicago wrote about the Blue Guides which are great for detailed information about an area, but not so great for hotels. In the same vein, I have been trying all day to buy the AA (British Automobile Association) Ordnance Survey Travel Guides for Devon, the Cotswolds, the New Forest, and anything that might cover Somerest.

But I can't find the guides anywhere on any Internet sites. I guess the AA and the Ordnance Survey Guides must have parted company since I last bought one about 3 years ago. If anyone has information on this, or can recommend whatever the replacement is, I would love to hear about it.

The AA Ordnance Survey Travel Guides were wonderful. They described every town of interest in an area, had great maps (of course;-), recommendations for driving and walking tours, etc. There were more than 20 of them, covering England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, etc. I wish I had a similar book for the above areas.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh