Subject: Re: AA Ordnance Survey Guides
Hi Debbie and all,

For the AA Ordnance Survey Guides, have you checked the British Tourist Authority, 1-800-462-2748? They have a book store. I'd include the URL to their web site, but, sorry, I'm at work and it's bookmarked at home.

Second thought, and I've gotten books from them several times, is UK. At the bottom of their pages here they have a link to their UK site. Super service. If the books are discounted, it helps offset the postage. It isn't too bad, but a bit higher than the US postage charges. I ball park $1.50 to the GBP, but you already knew that!! :-)

I have several of those books, too, but none purchased recently. The walks in them are great.

Good luck and, if you have a chance, please let us know if you were successful. I wouldn't mind an updated edition or two myself!

Cheers and happy traveling,