Subject: AA Ordnance Survey Guides and UK West Country
Debbie, This site has connections to Ordinance Survey maps and AA Travel Guides for the UK.

The following site, which I reached from the above, has at least one of the books ( OS/AA Leisure Guide to Devon and Exmoor ) you may be interested in. Of course, they do say 30 days for delivery, so that may not be convenient.

My husband and I visited the Devon, Cornwall, Dorset area about 25 years ago now - his family, came from Lyme Regis which is in Dorset - a lot of Newfoundlanders trace their heritage to the West Country of England.- I remember staying overnight in the old market town of Totnes (midway between Newton Abbot and Plymouth) which is on a steep hill overlooking the River Dart - you can get a great view from Totnes Castle. The hotel where we stayed were having a dinner/dance that night and although the tickets were sold out, they set up a small table for us in a corner. After dinner, the whole assemblage rose and danced waltzes, tangos, rhumbas.... to a live big band, and as if they were choreographed. It was magical. We were in our callow 20's then, and we got up and scuffed around a bit, but it was a pleasure just to sit and watch these older people swirl and glide, bend and dip around the dance floor. I wonder if they still go on.

Dolores St. John's, NF, Canada