Subject: Dec Chicago trip
I need to thank a Zine thread from sometime ago for one of the best short trips I've had in years. I think it was in Oct or maybe Nov that someone mentioned the Van Gogh exhibit being held in Chicago. I had tried for tickets but hadn't gotten them and one of the messages mentioned hotel packages. I got on the Internet and found them, got a good flight from Albuquerque to Chicago on SW and decided this would be a great Christmas present for my younger brother, mother and myself. My mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and life has been difficult for us in the past couple years. But she now loves to travel and visit which she never liked to do before. She had a great time meeting ziners at a recent small but enjoyable GTG so I thought a short trip might be good for all of us. It was great. We got a older and not too well kept up hotel near the Art Institute (the Plaza). But the price was ok. The exhibit was wonderful as was the whole Art Institute. We spent most of one day on a Gray line tour of the Chicago area, were introduced to Chicago Pizza which indeed is wonderful, visited Sue at the Field, went to Marshall Field's to relive childhood memories of a Christmas week breakfast at the Walnut Room, (packed to the gills with people). One highlight for me was meeting a cousin who I had found through email while doing genealogy. She came into the city and we went to the Newberry Library for a great day of research. My brother enjoyed the music and clubs. So thanks to all the people who had discussed this. We never would have made the trip if it hadn't been discussed here. Now is will always be a great memory for my brother and myself. I am afraid mom has already forgotten about it but she had fun while there.

Beth Sloan Las Vegas, NV