Subject: Re: Savannah and Charleston
Hi Michele,

You couldn't chose two lovelier southern cities to visit. Are you interested in a hotel or B&B? Although Beaufort is between the two, I personally wouldn't stay there unless you're into an armed service town. Beaufort is where the new Marine recruits go for their training on Paris Island. If you haven't read Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil or if it's been some time, you may want to read it before you visit Savannah. Also, that is were the movie Forrest Gump was mostly filmed. You'll get a kick out of seeing the different places from the movie. Savannah is also the home of Savannah College of Art and Design and they now own many of the historic building which they have restored. Take a tour of the college and see the great works the students have on display throughout the historical section. Either place, stay near the riverfront, it's where most of the action is.

Debbie in NC