Subject: Calling home (and being called)

two years ago, when I had to buy a new cellular phone (very cheap and widespread in Italy) I chose a multi-band GSM, which allows me to call from about any place in the world covered by a GSM net. Nevertheless I almost fainted when I saw the rates: a 3-minute call received in the USA could have been costed me 5/6 USD, while a similar call to the USA from Italy was less than 2 $! After a long time, a few days ago I checked the tariffs again and discovered the price was greatly reduced; now it's about 1,5 USD so I'm relaxing a bit. Tom, if you need an European GSM, you can have it in Italy for as low as 100$ (some times even less), the monthly fee (including taxes) is about 5$ and is debited to your credit card every two months.

Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy with a home cellphone always switched off :-)