Subject: Germany, Vienna & Prague
Hi Diana: I definitely would recommend going down the Romance Road towards Munich and stop by Dachau, near Munich. That trip is best done by car. From there I would probably turn in the car and go via train through Salzburg to Vienna (Wien). However, if you drive to Vienna, you could find those beautiful riverside bike trails and river cruises.

Train from Vienna to Prague. We love both Vienna and Prague and you could spend a lot of time in both places. From Prague I would train to Berlin. If you rent a car in Germany and return the car to a different town in Germany, some of the rental companies will not charge a drop-off fee.

Check out the following address for castles and palaces in Germany:

For the basis of a plan, I would recommend looking into Rick Steves' 22 Days in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You could drop Switzerland, if you desire, and add Prague: Wil Orlando, Florida