Subject: Travel Books
Hi Majeba and fellow Ziners, I too thank the person that recommended 'The Art of Pilgrimage.' When I researched the bookstores on the web, it appears that the book may be out of print. I picked up a copy at our library and then found one to call my own, like you, at Barnes &Noble.

Three other books you may enjoy and that might give that extra nudge to send you off to Paris: A Foxy Old Woman's Guide to Traveling Alone: Around Town and Around the World by Jay Ben-Lesser Going Like Lynn - Paris: A Series of Liberating Travel Primers for Women by Lynn Portnoy, Judy Bobrow (Editor) (The Foxy lady book is one of my favorites and you don't have to be traveling alone to learn a lot from reading it.) The World Awaits : How to Travel Far and Well by Paul E. Otteson. Geared a bit more for backpackers and budget travelers. I've read it twice and some sections more than that.

Those are my opinions. I suggest you check your local library first to see if any of them would be books you want to make permanent additions to your library.

Cheers, happy reading and happy traveling, Peggy