Subject: Hash House Harriers
Dear Monica I hope someone out there has a more definitive answer to your question about the Hash House Harriers. My experience is with friends that were Hashers, and I may be misrepresenting them. Here is my impression and memories:

The Hash House Harriers are runners who meet with some sort of regularity to run and drink beer. They always seemed to me to be very friendly, upbeat and sociable people who really liked to get together. I do believe that sociable runs with beer stops are at the core of what the various groups do. Through my former friends, I was invited to many of their parties and get togethers here in Pittsburgh.

Most of people I met in the group were friendly and interesting. There were often children at the various get togethers. There was always a lot of beer, and I used to marvel at the ability these people had to drink and run. I believe that there are groups all over the world. I know that my friends traveled to meet and run with other chapters, if that is the right word.

A quick web search turned up several sites. This one seems to have links and is a part of a hashers web ring Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh