Subject: Greece in March

The only thing that I can say, is that I was on Kos (a Greek island) in April of 2001 and it wasn't all that pleasant. It would be very warm when we were in direct sunlight, but freezing cold the rest of the time. We spent the whole week in jeans, sweaters and leather coats. The tourist season didn't start until May, and since we were there two weeks earlier, *almost* nothing was open. I'm not kidding - we could find fast food pizza, but a real restaurant - forget it. And zero shops, except total diehard holdouts. And lastly - and here's where I'm really a wuss - there was NO hot water! There was no such thing as a water heater, so until it was warm enough for the sun to heat the water, it's freezing cold. I spent the whole week taking sponge baths because it was way too cold to actually get under the stream.

Now, after all those negative comments, I don't want you to think that I wouldn't go back to Greece. I'd go in a heart beat. But I wanted to give you an honest answer about what I experienced. Everyone has different threshold levels, so maybe this sounds romantic and adventurous to you. I would never tell anyone not to take a trip, since they are all adventures no matter what you experience, but this is my 2 cents. Cat in Chicago