Subject: Greece in March?
Sandy - Just to add my 2 cents: I agree with Linda that there is much to see on the mainland including wonderful day trips to Delphi and Cape Sounion but being the island junkies that we are, I would also agree with Cat. Almost more important than the weather are the ferries. The ferries (except for the odd plane that will go on and off a small island once a week in off-season times -- if there is an airport ) are your main form of transportation that will get you to and from island to island during your visit. They do not start their summer schedule until mid-May - and until then, they run infrequently so you have to be careful that your stay somewhere is not longer than you had planned. Also, to save time, plan your trip with the idea of staying in one island chain (i.e. the Cyclades, for example.) All ferries travel more frequently within each chain. To get into another island grouping, you have to be at the island that acts as a terminus. This may require some doing and the best way to do this is to ask the Port Police (all of whom speak English) or to check the schedules at each Port town.

The meltimi (wind) can be a problem in March, April and sometimes May - Thus, traveling by boat might not be so pleasurable. The larger islands might have more open, but it has been our experience that the closer to June 1 you get, the more all tourist needs will be available. (i.e. restaurants, tavernas, hotels and/or room/studio rentals - car rentals)

We have visited the islands as early as May 1, and I would probably never go that early again. We always to after May 16th - and only once did we experience really awful weather. You can have good weather with plenty of sun and warmth, but it is very unpredictable.

Have a great time anyway - Greece is fantastic - rich in history and all -encompassing in the warmth the the Greeks towards travelers (especially at the beginning of the tourist season!!! an especially on the smaller islands!!) Susie Newton, MA