Subject: LAX Layover
Hello Philip, My experience of check-in and security lines at LAX is a month old, so others will have more recent information, I'm sure, but when we were transitting, the check-in queues were long, long, long. We were fortunate in having a magic card that allowed us to circumvent them and were quietly congratulating ourselves until we found that there was no way of avoiding going back to the street entry after check-in, which was the starting point for the security lines. Not long after we had joined the lines - of very grumpy people - the starting point had extended out the doors. It took us almost two hours to pass through security - including my fourth body search for that trip (New Orleans/Denver/LAX). There were more people on crowd control than there were on the security checks themselves, which seemed the wrong way around, but from what I have been reading from Ziners, the systems may have improved by now. The seating problems on our flight were more chaotic than anything I have ever seen - and that is over many years of round the world flights! Chatting to the cabin crew later, we discovered that the problems were the result of many people missing two earlier flights and having to be accommodated on our flight - which in turn was possible because of the number who missed our flight. And you guessed it, mainly because of the security lines! So, my advice would be not to risk missing your flight. Get through security and find a good book and a comfortable lounge, if you have any means of access to a Club lounge of any sort. Best of luck, Joan Melbourne, Australia