Subject: Left Behind?
How about what I almost left behind? On a trip to Egypt, in Luxor, I spent three hours in a little papyrus shop drinking tea, discussing the proprietor's family, discussing my family, discussing the first President Bush, looking at many pieces that I did not want (deliberately) before finally getting to the one I did want and negotiating to buy it. It was finally wrapped nicely and placed in a tube to carry with me for the rest of the trip and home. When we checked out of the hotel, I made sure it was with my hand baggage, and then set it down while waiting to board the bus. You guessed it--I left it sitting on the front steps of the hotel. Fortunately, the bus had barely reached the end of the driveway when I realized I did not have it, and everyone waited for red-faced me to retrieve the precious package. Ten years later, It is beautifully framed (at a cost four times what I paid for it) and hanging in my home. Lisa in Chicago