Subject: Left Behind?
Dear Debbie and Others, A couple of years ago, we stayed overnight in Seattle. I had purchased a tiny black traveling alarm clock. I had placed it on the floor by my purse. The next morning, when I picked it up to turn it off, I thought I was putting it in my purse. Well, we got to Minneapolis for a week and realized I must have left the alarm clock on the floor. On the return, we came back to the same motel to pick up our car. After the gal on duty looked around through drawers and cleaning ladies' supplies with no success, I asked if anyone was in the room where we had stayed. The reply was yes. She wasn't about to knock on the door so I did. The young man was a little startled. I told him my problem and he told me to take a look. There my alarm clock was, pushed up against the wall! Regards, Carollyn