Subject: Savannah and Charleston
Hi, Never having been to Charleston, I would still have to agree that Savannah is the best place to be. As an art educator, I've spent 3 separate summers, a week at a time, at Savannah College of Art and Design. I lived in the dorms in the heart of Savannah, and each morning when I went to breakfast, I got to walk past Orleans Square and look at the moss hung trees, and imagine what it might have been like to live there a century ago. Historic Savannah is absolutely beautiful.

I wouldn't stay on the river, however. Too many rowdy party people and not so many good restaurants. I'd stay at the Gastonian or the DeSoto Hilton, right in the heart of the more quiet areas. There's nothing like an evening sitting outside the Sixpence Pub looking up at the gaslights and watching a horse and carriage go by.

A trip to Mrs. Wilkes for breakfast or lunch will fill you up for a whole day. Or if you want to drop a few dollars for dinner, you can always go to Elizabeth on 37. Trees meet each other over Oglethorpe Avenue and every square is more picturesque than the one you've just passed. Because of SCAD, the city is filled with art. Its a wonderful city. Sherry in San Antonio