Subject: Left Behind?
Dear Ziners,

My husband and I are very absent-minded and have left many things behind on our travels.

About 10 years ago, my husband, Paul and I and our two children bought an around the world world ticket which allowed us to travel to Australia, New Zealand, the Far East and Europe for up to one year. We spent 8 months travelling and in almost every country we visited, we left something behind.

When we got to New Zealand, my husband discovered that the hotel in Fiji had forgotten to return his VISA card to him. We were dependent on this card not only to make purchases, but also to get all our cash withdrawals. It took almost the full two weeks of our stay in New Zealand to get the card returned to us. But the kind and trusting New Zealanders allowed us to use an old VISA receipt with Paul's signature to make all our purchases (they copied his VISA number instead of making an imprint). Not once do I recall being refused accommodation, food or purchases because we didn't have our VISA card.

Another time we were taking a train from Melbourne to Adelaide and just as the train started moving, Paul realized that his briefcase with all his papers, passport and other important documents were missing. He then recalled that he had placed it on the front lawn of the university house where we had been staying, just before he got into the cab. In a panic he told the train attendant what had happened. The attendant told the conductor who radioed the train station in Melbourne who in turn contacted the university. They sent someone over to the house and there was the briefcase still sitting on the front lawn. The briefcase arrived the next day.

We had numerous close calls on that trip, but someone must have been looking after us because we arrived safely back in Canada with all our documents and with far more things than we left behind. Etta in Toronto