Subject: LAX Layover
Dear Phillip and Donna, I am a traveler's aid at LAX so can probably answer your above questions. I always send people with 4 or more layovers to the Santa Monica 3rd. Street promenade. It is alot of fun, with street performers, little ethnic restaurants on Santa Monica Blvd. some very nice restaurants on Ocean Ave. When you arrive go to the traveler's aid booth on the arrival (ground) level of the terminal and ask them for a map. They can also show you how to take public transportation there. You catch the Big Blue Bus 3, or take a cab, not much over $20 each way, and easy to take cab back, they line up along cross streets to 3rd st. Unfortunately since 9/11 all the lockers have become unavailable, so you will have to keep any luggage not checked with you. Security is about a half hour to an hour, but to be on safe side I would check in to your flight at least 2 1/2 hours before hand. Happy to answer any other questions for you. Sandy in LA