Subject: Left Behind?
Hi Ziners Several years ago, after our usual stint in Tuscany, Simon &I decided to spend our last few days of vacation in Venice. On the day of our departure, we chose to take the train from Venice to Milan and fly home to Toronto from there. As was customary in those days, we had packed enough stuff for months of travel and I always did a quick calculation of the number of pieces of baggage to make sure nothing was missing. Added to this, was a crate of 4 bottles of wine. In all, the count was 7 - 2 bags, 2 pieces of hand luggage, 1 knapsack (my purse), 1 bag of camera equipment and the wine. We were fortunate to have our 1st class cabin to ourselves and we shoved &pushed all our belongings into it. As we settled in our seats, Simon remembered the most important function of ITALIAN TRAIN TRAVEL - punching those damn tickets before boarding. So off he ventured, back into the station, to find one of those machines leaving me in charge of the VIP (very important papers - passports, tickets, etc.) Several minutes passed and as I sat there, with everything accounted for, the train began to inch forward, ever so slowly. At that moment, panic ensued and I realized that I had left behind MY HUSBAND!!!!! After many agonizing minutes, he sheepishly appeared having walked the entire length of the train on the inside after punching the tickets. Felice Toronto, Ontario