Subject: Paris - which airport?
Mike wrote:
> It cost about 240FF to the center of Paris. Not so, you can take the train and the metro (easily). It will cost you about $6.50 per person each way. You change trains to the metro and it's very simple. You can always find someone who speaks a little English. Here are the directions:

After getting luggage, etc., walk directly to the trains by following the the signs which will be: RER - enclosed in a blue-bordered circle -- This walk will be about 10-min, but is worth it so you might consider luggage that you can roll if you want to try this. When you reach your destination, (you will know you are there as there are stairs leading down to railroad tracks) you can buy tickets either one way or round-trip from either a machine or there is a counter inside a glass-enclosed area where you can purchase your tickets from a person. We just purchased one-way tickets as we were not sure about our return. The cost for two people was $13.00. (As opposed to a $55 or $60 cab ride) It took us about 45 min to an hr. to reach our hotel.

At the same general area where you purchase your tickets, you will see a circular booth where you can get information (in English, too) It will say on it (accueil -- which sort of means welcome/information). They will help with train schedules and where you should change to a metro for your stop.

We took the train to Chatelet-les-Halles and changed for the metro which we took directly to the stop nearest our hotel (Odeon) and walked the 1/2 block to our hotel. There is no need to purchase metro tickets as the train ticket was good for all transfers within the system.

Good luck, Susie Newton.