Subject: Bolzano
Hi David & Treva,

I have been to both Lake Como and Bolzano, and think that both are beautiful. Bolzano, however is a personal favorite of mine. The city is gorgeous, there are a lot of nature hikes and areas to walk around, and the food is outstanding. Much more Austrian than Italian and expect to see road signs and other communication in German as much as Italian. But an absolutely beautiful place. And if you're going that far North, I'd take a day or two to travel around Trodeno. I love it there as well.

Unfortunately I can't help with accommodations, since I stayed with my friend's parents. But many people in that area rent out apartments attached to their homes just for tourist. And these come with shower and kitchen, which makes the stay a little more private and more cost effective.

Also as a welcome gift to their home, my friend's parents gave me two booklets - one on Bolzano &one of Trodeno, if you need/want more information I'll dig them out and see what I can find. They also gave me chocolates that one of their neighbors made, and their own homemade cheese & wine. Just between you and me, the chocolates and the cheese were great, but the wine was only so-so.

Please let me know if you want me to get out the booklets, as I'd be happy to do it. Otherwise, have a great time and please tell us all about it! Cat in Chicago