Subject: Paris airport & accom.
Majeba, We navigated Charles de Gaulle (as first time travellers to Europe with very little knowledge of French!) last summer and really didn't have a problem. My husband constructed what became known as the 'blue book' with a map of CDG similar to -- or this$$Affich?ReadForm&cle=X500530 and instructions how to get to the train station in CDG, our itineraries (plane and train), hotel addresses/phone numbers/e-mail addresses and other contact information (phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the US and Europe, etc.). It was invaluable! In CDG you will also encounter (usually) young people in red shirts that speak impeccable English that are more than willing to direct you in the right direction.

We also made sure we had great maps of each city we were going to (the map of Paris had the metro map on the flip side). The Paris metro is a fabulously inexpensive mode of transportation too. (We purchased a multi-day pass for our stay there.)

We stayed at the Hotel Elysa Luxembourg and were very happy. Nice rooms, nice continental breakfast and location convenient to metro and walking distance to quite a bit too!

My personal favorite in the Paris area was Versaille... We spent an entire day there and didn't cover it all. I would definitely like to go back there!

As far as the French language goes... if you learn the basics (hello, goodbye, thank you, Do you speak English?, etc.) and at least attempt to use your limited French... most people are more than willing to help -- even if they don't speak English! (Hand signals work in any language.) We bought a Berlitz European Phrase book and used it surprisingly little -- maybe to interpret street signs or menu items. If you don't assume that everyone speaks English -- you will get along fine. Our golden rule was that we were guests in whatever country we were in -- and behaved appropriately.

Can't wait to go back... I'm addicted... :) Shellee