Subject: Bolzano
David & Treva, Since I knew where the booklets were that my friends had given me, I went ahead and got them out. The one for Trodena (or in German, Truden) unfortunately is written in both German & Italian, but not English. I did however find a picture of a restaurant that we ate at, and if I've gotten it correctly the name is Reize besonderer natur and underneath it says Contrasti della natura. Don't know if that's the name of the restaurant or the area, but the food was fabulous. The other booklet however is on the whole Sudtirol area, which covers that part of the Alps. Or as the booklet says Sudtirol - On the Sunny Side of the Alps. A couple of quick facts: Population - 450,000 Language Groups: 68% German 28% Italian 4% Ladin Easily reached via - Innsbruck - Brenner - Bozen (Bozen is Bolzano in German)

It gives a website at I haven't checked it out to see if it's in English or not. But I'd assume, since it was on the English booklet. The booklet gives a ton of tourist information offices, but only the address &phone numbers. It also gives a list of actives by the month that they happen in, along with art &cultural, sports, nature, etc. So if you end up needing more information than what you find on the web, let me know specifics and I'll send it to you. Cat in Chicago