Subject: Flight Options to London - BA or Virgin
Hello Travelers: For those going from Boston, we like the day flights from BA or American as opposed to the night only flight from Virgin. Both BA and American are using the 777's now. We find that the advantage to the day flight is the drastic reduction in jet lag. We leave Boston around 9 a.m. and arrive Heathrow at 8 p.m. We usually stay at the Heathrow Hilton, have dinner and awake the next morning refreshed and ready to continue on. BA cancelled its day flight after 9/11, but we understand it is coming back. American still has it. For those of you who can afford it, however, Virgin has the Sleeper Class: get on board, get into the Virgin supplied pajamas (we have a couple of sets; they are great) and wake up to whatever breakfast you can imagine. Tom