Subject: Weekend in SW Fla.
Hello Ziners It's time for me to give back to the group. Just got back from a weekend in SW Fla. Stayed at the Days Inn @ Ft. Myers Beach $125 a night for beachfront/Poolside room Rm#114. The bar deck and band was attached to our deck so I could enjoy the atmosphere while serving myself from my Fridge. We visited Sanabel and Captiva on Sat. Great place to Visit and I would love to live there. Take the tour through the restored houses on Sanibel,lots of good info. On Sun. visited the Everglades National Park about 1 Hr. South of Ft. Myers Go through Everglade City to the Ranger Station and take a boat tour with a Ranger. There also is a unfinished road about 15min. from Everglade City that you can drive to see lots of wild animals without fences or cages. (Alligators will hiss when you get about 3 feet away) Joe