Subject: Re: Cities: the beginning or end of the trip?
During our initial planning stages, we talked about spending a few days in Paris immediately upon arrival... but a friend that travels frequently between the US and Europe for work suggested that we instead get on the train headed for one of our other destinations. So... we caught the TGV (love it!!) right from the CDG airport and headed for Montpellier to spend a night with a friend. We slept on the train and spent a relaxing evening with our friend... got up the next morning and boarded the train for Barcelona. It was great being able to sleep, watch the scenery, read or talk on the train instead of worrying about driving someplace or packing as much sighseeing in as possible immediately upon arrival in Paris.

We did spend almost 4 days in Paris at the very end of our 3 week trip and I think we appreciated it much, much more. It was a great way to cap off an already perfect trip. I don't think we would have truly appreciated the splendors of Paris being jet lagged and tired!