Subject: Re: Re United Airlines
Hi Linda and Geoff,

I don't have the exact dimensions (I'm willing to be someone on this list does).. 26 inches by 14 inches (appx). The Shuttle by United which differs from regular United flights (short jaunts) has a display in front of the boarding area with a box. If your luggage can fit within this 'box', it is designated as carry-on worthy and will fit under your seat. HOWEVER, I really have never seen anyone try to use such box, and they end up carrying on humongous suitcases (plural).. and it really angers me! Why do they let people on the plane with those huge bags!?

Overhead space is always tricky, seems as though those with large bags occupy the first open slot they see, even though their seats are at the back of the plane. If you're last on, good luck finding space.

My advice to traveler is to travel light. Especially with the screening one must go through now-a-days. Be very cognizant of what goes into the carry on, including nail files and scissors.

Good luck Kim in Seattle