Subject: Re: Philadelphia
Hi Jamie,

I was in Philadelphia as recently as last year, and I think it's a great city. I never stayed in a hotel (had family there), so my info on that is suspect! I do recall that there are some great places right in center city - the usual chains - Hyatt, Sheraton, etc. and possibly some smaller boutique-type places. My guess is that they would be somewhat less expensive than NYC.

The art museum is great (remember Rocky?); the Rodin museum; the Philadelphia Zoo; Independence Hall - all great places to see.

My favorite thing about Philadelphia is its architecture. The city seems so much older than NYC and has lots of areas with great old architecture, if you're so inclined to poke around. It definitely has walkable neighborhoods, but you may need to cab it once or twice.

I'm sure you'll get more info from other ziners, and since you enjoy researching the place you'll probably find good info on the net.

Since you're so close to Boston I hope you and your partner are planning on joining the Boston GTG scheduled for June 15. My partner and I will be attending (we live way out in eastern LI), as will about a dozen or so other ziners from around the country. I attended another GTG held in NYC about a year ago and it was great - real nice, interesting people. I've noticed that there are a few other New Yorkers now, so it may be time to plan another NYC GTG.

Best regards, and have a great trip! Vanessa Cutchogue - Long Island's Wine Country, NY