Subject: Re: Left Behind?
Many years ago, about a year after I had obtained a job in England, I travelled around France and northern Spain with my brother, who was in the US Army, and his wife. Our last night we spend in Paris, and the next day they drove me to the train station. It was only after I waved goodbye to them that I realised I had left my US passport and UK immigration papers (green card sort of thing) in their glove compartment.

I didn't have much choice, so got on my train to Calais. As we approached, I found to my surprise that rather than be glad to get me off their shores, the French authorities suggested I couldn't leave the country without a passport!

I finally talked my way onto the ferry, and then through the UK bureaucracy, but I had several worrying hours before I could convince them to let me in.

Doug Weller Birmingham, England