Subject: Re: Re: Paris- which airport? - Metro use

I learned the metro the last time I was in Paris last November. You are right, of course, it is fast, simple and cheap. However, I am usually pooped when I get into Paris from Dallas and I like to just take the easy way and grab a cab. After that it's metro all the way - but don't forget Batobus if your destinations are near the river.

For those wondering about using the metro please don't consume valuable time worrying about using it. It is simple.

1. Just pick up a metro map from your hotel or the metro station 2. Metro lines are numbered ( I think 1 to 14) 3. Locate where you are (station name) 4. Locate where you are going (station name) 5. Check the metro line # that gets you close to your destination 6. Look at the metro line # at your current station 7. Follow the 2 metro lines backward from each point and see where they meet or join (a metro station) 8. Now check the beginning and end station for each individual line # a. These tell you which way you are going (since at each station you will always have 2 directions to pick from) b. Look at the intermedate station stops names as this gives you an idea of how many stops you will have to your destination or your connection station 9. Purchase a ticket at a window. I usually get a carnet (10 tickets) Use your French. 10. Put the ticket into the ticket slot at the gate. (Just watch what others do) 11. The ticket will disappear and reappear a little ways in front. 12. Pick it up and keep it for the duration of the trip (in case an agent wants to see it) 13. When leaving the station please deposit the used ticket in the trash (Don't litter) 14. Trust me - once you have done it you will become an instant expert. 15. Some destinations may take several transfers. The procedure is the same. 16. The ticket is good for all transfers until you reach your destination.


Mike Rhodes