Subject: Italy Hill Towns- Questions
Hello all, I read about Agriturismos Pomurlo Vecchio and Le Cassette in Baschi, in Don-Lindas Travelogue, and am very interested, but will need a car. Since we will be using mosty trains and only want a car for that area, any suggestions on where would be the best place to pick up a rental car for three days? This will be our 1st trip to Italy. We fly to Rome, stay overnight, then train to Sorrento, for touring Pompeii, Amalfi area for 5 nights. At the end of our trip we will tour Rome for 5 nights. We had thought to go to Taormina,Sicily for the 3 nights in between, but now decided to put that off for a future trip, when we can spend a lot more time discovering Sicily. So, we now will have 3 nights to spend around Orvieto or somewhere north of Rome, and thought the agriturismos sounded lovely and a good location for touring that area. We don't know if it would be best to take the trains from Sorrento to the Orvieto area to pick up a car--Or rent a car in the Rome area and drive north. We don't want to drive in Rome, but will end back there anyway so... if anyone can share their experiences about car rentals, or suggestions we could use, we would appreciate it. Thanks, Donna in Pittsburgh