Subject: Re: Las Vegas
Hi Rob,

I'm sure you'll get a lot of opinions on this topic. I have been to Las Vegas twice, both times with kids. And I've never been to a show (except the IMAX) -- but there's a lot of free or inexpensive entertainment. Here are the tops on my list:

* World of Coke on the strip (there's an M&M museum next door, but we've never been to that) Sample coke products from all over the world, enjoy various other forms of entertainment. Admission is about $5.

* Treasure Island battle (fought every 90 minutes at the front entrance) -- free

* The Forum shops at Caesar's Palace--also free

The only show I would like to see in Las Vegas is Cirque du Soleil--we've seen the touring company, but the Las Vegas version is supposed to be spectacular. However, you don't need to *do* anything in Las Vegas --just walking around and soaking it all in is 90% of the experience.

JoAnne in California