Subject: RE: Two weeks in Italy ... ideas
Hi, Cova -

Yes, both Ira and I mentioned the Igea hotel in Padova (Padua). Their web site is at

In Florence you can find some reasonably priced pensions on Via Cavour, which leads away from the Duomo. The pensions at the farther end usually have lower prices. One place we stayed at when my parents came to visit was Hotel Cordova,

And since you said you plan on eating ice cream in Italy (who wouldn't??), the best places in Rome are:

1) Ping Pong, at Piazza della Radio, near Viale Marconi 2) Fonte della Salute, on Viale Trastevere, on the corner of a small street (not sure of the name of that street - maybe Marmaggi?) about 100 meters up from the river 3) Giolitti, right in the center of town, near Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna

In Florence, just about any gelateria has great ice cream!

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)