Subject: Hotel Splendid
Hi, everyone - The Hotel Splendid is now a 3 or perhaps even a 4-star hotel. Years ago it was a good 2-star place , not quite as elegant as the Muguet is now, but great value for money. As a family of 4, we stayed there in a suite of 2 rooms for about $37 a night (in 1984!) Absolutely fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower, (but also, in those days, ancient plumbing that had to be treated with great care!)

My favorite (relatively) inexpensive hotels in Paris right now are in the 15th. It borders the 7th (you walk across the bottom of the Champ de Mars, keeping the Eiffel Tower on your right, and there you are.) Check out Jack's recommendations - I stayed in the Hotel de l'Avre, one of his featured places, last September, and was quite happy. Single rooms in Paris are never cheap, but good values exist.